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1. Conceptual to GMP Estimating  
  • Experienced estimator and Estimation bidding system will speed up the budgeting process.. 
  • After all drawings are complete a final GMP is given to GC

2. Company's Approach for proactively Participating and facilitating cost control
  • Cost control on a long running project can be difficult if commitments on pricing of materials are not made early on in the job. 
  • Coordinate with other trades to make sure we are not overlapping scope. 

3. Alternative Systems Evaluation
  • Analyze products and drawings for unnecessary work. 
  • Evaluate new systems for compatibility with existing building equipment or standards. 

4. Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Long Term Maintenance
  • Evaluate product for efficiency and durability and reliability.

5. Construct-ability Review of Design Documents
  • Great relationship with local vendors allows us to get accurate budgeting information, and design input on special systems. 
  • Bring problem to attention of GC and Electrical Engineer along with any solutions that we may have to offer.

6. Document Coordination with other trades
  • Share documents with other trades so that all parties are aware of any special installation requirements. Can be done through e-mail or fax. 

7. Cost Control and Value Engineering
  • Analyze pricing of material and coordinate with Electrical Engineer. Any substitutes appropriate that will not change the overall concept of the building. 
  • Give Equipment Recommendations and cost to Engineering team.

8. Approach for a complete scope
  • Review drawings as they are being developed and take off items as they show up on plans. For items not yet shown on plans use past experience and pricing to use as a guideline for anticipating cost for those items. Discuss with the engineer the anticipated scope for items not yet shown on prints. 

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